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Every dot gov generator ever purchased was at auction with inspection period or purchased with intent to part out. Almost every Vietnam Era Air Force generator we bought were used for powering up jet engines and had big Chrysler Hemi engines some used DC electricity, flexible shaft gear drives or pneumatic systems. Only one of the Air Force units we purchased stayed a generator because it put out useable AC electricity but it's mostly used as a display piece at antique equipment shows at present. Eventually it's value for use in a hot rod clone will have to be tapped as it really sucks fuel. Military generators can be odd and unless can inspect and test or cross reference it model and specs to know what have and buy dirt cheap then can risk getting a bad unit or two before getting a good one. Best way to buy military generators are from companies that make their living buying dot gov items in bulk for resale or parting out. These resellers usually are not greedy and allow testing.

I lucked out when very active in Army MARS the Army gave me a Signal Corp generator and two 30 foot crank up towers. One tower rides in cradle on either side and then has a big spool of wire to pull power far enough away from generator it's noise didn't affect field radio operations. Have tried a half dozen time to return it, told it was written off books and can't take it back without huge paperwork hassle. Have letter saying mine to use as see fit. It's going to get pulled off its trailer and pad mounted in second generator shed behind house. Last night we were being careful to not run too many systems at same time as HVAC, refrigerator, freezer, and entertainment center ran full time along with one light upstairs and one downstairs. Beyond that could run microwave, coffee pot, a few other lights but having calculated watts, can't just flip everything on in house indescriminately. Wife asked a lot of questions about the main generator before going to bed. She decided that I should start looking for a bigger unit as when I bought and installed current Generac we had not done any additions, put in the new big central HVAC system, added battery stacks to keep topped off and my system of running majority of systems off the big Generac and topping off batteries with one or both of the small Generac's she wants a new generator that will pull entire house without fear of overloading. She also realizes the current generator though starts first push of the button, purrs for days on end like a kitten it is twenty years old now and run for up to a week once and two to four days during winter ice storm is not uncommon.

Explained to her we have a 10,000 watt generator and the number of watts required for HVAC to run and that it pulls double in start up. Same with freezer and fridge, neither take huge wattage to run but when compressors kick in they take a lot of starting watts and why if HVAC and refrigerator start up at same time we get some light dimming. Told her our current unit has a 12,500 watt surge which when added up systems added and house additions past 20 years leaves us a little short. Told her the big diesel three phase will stop that but will have to Frankenstein a bit. Am under orders to start shopping for a new Generac in the 15,000 watt continuous and 17,500 watt surge with goal of installing inside of 12 months. She wants the current generator left where it is as a backup to the new generator then if want to use to big diesel to set up small neighborhood power grid (should run three houses) could keep friends post SHTF by giving surrounding homes a couple hours electricity per day on rotating system if they played ball on our team. I believe our more dependable neighbors would appreciate a neighborhood grid where half a dozen houses got a few hours electricity per day on rotating basis if they helped supply fuel. Would pull our electricity off that system and our primary systems would only be used for when we absolutely needed it to conserve fuel. 1,000 gallons of propane and 500 gallons of gasoline with a few smaller stashes won't last forever.
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