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Response to questions in ammunition thread.

Discussed how a new projectile was working in the ammunition thread and caught a little flack. Moved my response to the no topic thread. Now all that want to plot on me have some basic idea of the terrain surrounding my home though if used a little Googlefu based on information in my personal website and public tax records anyone that wanted to storm the gates could easily find this and more. It's amazing how many Files members have done a Google Earth flyover of their homes and places of work.

Noticed neighbors on porch and walked over. Asked if noticed the small mess behind house and said yes, assumed a coyote had gotten hold of feral cat during night. Told them I vaporized the big fat ground hog not been able to get a clean shot on in three years since started hunting him specifically. Largest ground hog ever killed and he didn't get that old and fat by being dumb living next door to me. His dens were always in bushes on end of house facing me. Almost every time saw him the house next door was directly behind him or he was at a dead run toward the house and don't take low percentage shots on a moving ground hog in the neighborhood.

Both said had seen fat boy, guy said he has tried half dozen times to shoot him since moved in and never got a round on target. Told them he was just standing on back legs looking around and put a specialty subsonic 308 round on him through a suppressor. Had to hike to house and carry the FAL over and we set up a target in back yard. He fired three rounds and was stunned. Hearing the bullet hit backstop louder than sound of rifle and mechanical movement of action over muzzle blast seemed to be life changing. Wants me to take him to LGS and see if we can get him a can that will fit multiple rifles but he has odd assortment. Most of his rifles are combloc or lever action. Would have to have his AK's rethreaded due to lack of concentric muzzle threads and have one of his 30-30 lever actions threaded and only bolt rifles he has are some sportorized pre WWII vintage european military units might have LGS check on. Suggested he maybe just buy an AR and inexpensive direct thread can but he likes the snap on/snap off design of the AAC.

They said my assumption that till see them on front porch smoking first cigarette of day they are inside house. Also if in back yard will most likely be on Scag mower or using other power equipment. We nailed down pre 8 am shots are fine if have good view of what's behind varmint and to call before squeezing trigger if later in day except for when out of town. Most of his work is in Kentucky and North Louisiana and they come tell us when leaving so can watch their house. He collects antique motorcycles as well and likes fact we keep eye out just in effort to keep ground hogs at bay. Neighbors on either side have them but we don't. Both have asked me to please shoot them if sure of shot like I have told them about deer.

Previous owner in the "other house" was manager of gun shop and indoor range. Shot six deer per year either in his or our yard. New neighbor in that house usually wounds them and has to fire a follow up and track them. Hate it but he doesn't ever shoot toward house. His carport is 75 feet from our bedroom window and he uses 30-06. Most times he shoots about 7:15 on Sunday morning and rolls us out of bed. Wish he would get a can, the previous owner hunted with a can and all our friends that hunt from our deck use cans. Way our houses are loacted in straight line with 100 to 250 yards to Corp of Engineers line in rear can shoot from decks or patios without risk of hitting anything unexpected unless just purely stupid. Gun fire is very regular and wife normally shoots mid day while most neighbors are at work.

For you folks that think this odd would have to see layout of homes and know neighbors. When a new one moves in which is about once every three to five years take them a pair of my home baked pies, introduce wife and self, give them our neighbor and tell them if need help just call and if hear gunfire it's just normal around here.

Give away the farm, burgundy metal roof is mine. Both houses left and both houses right facing road for orientation shoot and fairly often. House with big back green flat yard is my sniping zone. We have a 75 yard range with backstop plus I have multiple bullet traps in my back yard at fenceline.

Zoom out and will see we are a peninsula surrounded by water.

Behind us it's 250 to 300 yards to closest structure and all have safe backstop to keep rounds from crossing Corp Line. Not a bad place to live or protect. Drop or block bridge 1/3 mile north and drop trees across road four houses down and we become an island in a way.
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