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Last day in post op recovery jail. Doc said no driving for 24 hours and weight bearing at my discretion and return to work if choose today for light duty but had an anesthesiologist with great attitude and said doesn't skimp on meds for his patients that can tolerate them so nobody has to be uncomfortable under his care. My response was "bring on some happy sauce, just don't Michael Jackson me". His reply was M.J. could have afforded a good doctor and not some pill mill master.

So here is the main screw that was a half inch too long causing discomfort when one of my tendons decided to shift and get tangled up in it. New orthopod said it and some of the other hardware should have been removed once majority of leg healing had happened.

Was 14.5 hours on the table getting leg reassembled and unsure how long doctor was in my leg removing screw from knee but was 24 hours in hospital all total. According to checking internet, past orthopedic surgeries, discussing this procedure with insurance pre-certification that total cost with a one nights stay would be high side of $20,000. Outpatient would have been between $15,000 & $20,000 then add about $5,000 per nights stay. When did the damage in x-rays posted a couple posts up total cost for eight days, 14.5 hours on table, in-hospital rehab and such bill cracked $260,000. Got a lot more bang for buck on first trip as thirteen screws, three plates plus knee to ankle rod would say per screw was about $5,000 each. So now I have this really cool $20,000 to $25,000 screw. Will likely end up in one of my boxes of specialty fasteners and used on some future project. Likely land in some rifle project or such. After fix right knee we will go into left ankle to get loose and floating screw removed along with any others he feels will be better out than in. Had inquired about doing all.together but said can't work on two joints at same time unless it's an emergency situation. Do not want patient rehabbing multiple joints at one time as increases odds of injury during recovery. Said ankle will be more involved, probably two nights inpatient following that procedure so will have a $300,000 left leg. Insurance check is high but just this year now at eleven surgeries so even with premium almost at $4,000 per month it's actually a good value.

Insurance was $850 per month when Nobama was elected. Beginning of 2017 after eight years of his "fixing" our medical system to make it more accessible and affordable my monthly premium has risen to $3,800 per month and they can't use pre-existing or new conditions to raise prices as basically age and smoker/non smoker and home state are about all that affect it. Though kept highest tier of insurance available there are a lot of procedures and treatments no longer covered as Nobama says it's unfair for someone willing to pay for top notch insurance to get more than those who cheap out on it or have none at all. Where they really nailed me was beginning of 2017 and had to switch from my 30 year old policy as it didn't provide OBGYN care or pay for gender change. Promised could keep policy y if liked it and your doctor. Lost five docs and originally policy because it was not gender neutral. For those of you with ultra high deductible policies, my quarter million dollar leg was result of a simple motor vehicle accident and a tibia/fibula compound spiral fracture. Know a roofer who fell off ladder with same result. If your carrying a total of $10,000 in deductibles and copays can you afford to write a $10,000 check for a broken leg? Remember if your injured around Christmas and insurance resets at New Years one event could tap you for full deductible twice. If have accident or disease diagnosed where they jump in hard in last month of year and treatment continues into next calender year your paying $20,000 in med bills in a months time. Had exactly that happen a couple years ago and maximum $3,000 out of pocket in a calender year saved my butt even though $6k was tough in six week period.

Is this a survival issue? I consider financial survival very important and if someone has never faced a major medical issue it's bad enough dealing with the physical part and missed work to be compounded by money issues. If don't have a job that keeps paying your check while your down, decent insurance and some money stashed for emergencies it's like no water, food and ammo for when SHTF.
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