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My "Up-gun" wakeup call was the Aurora shooting. Before that my daily carry was a small .380. Figured, based on the stat that most shooting were at less than 7 ft and an average of 5 rounds fired it would do what i needed it to. Aurora, with a guy with an AK and wearing body armor changed that. Daily carry now is a Sig P320 in .40, 14+1 in the gun and 2 more 14rd magazines on me, with a laser. I put myself in that theater, and realized that only head shots would have likely had an effect, and with offhand shots that may have to be made without a clear line of sight to my sights the laser was a no-brainer.

As to caliber... I chose the .40 because the 10mm is (sadly) not available in the P320, and because I have seen first-hand what the round is capable of. Was on a jury for a murder trial. Weapon used was a .40 with basic ball ammo (gang bangers aren't big on bullet tech, they buy what's cheap). Saw extremely graphic pics of the damage those did. On top of that I managed to take down 2 wild pigs with my defensive ammo at about 35 yds, and got to see what it would do up close. Between the 2 it convinced me that it is truly an effective round, and I believe superior to the 9mm in every way but capacity.

Like hunting rounds I look to energy as my primary effectiveness indicator, and in case after case the biggest jump is from 9mm to .40. .45 typically has a bit higher still, but not nearly as significant. Case in point, I primarily use CorBon as my defensive ammo, so I'll use them as my example. The 9mm +P is 115gr at 1350fps from 4" of barrel, with 466ft/lbs of energy. .40 +P is 135gr at 1325 with 526ft/lbs from a 4" barrel, and the .45 +P is 185gr at 1150fps and 543ft/lbs of energy, from a 5" barrel. I'm guessing that if that were from a 4" barrel it would actually be inferior to the .40, since the energy difference is a slim advantage as it is. So, the largest energy jump is from the 9 to the 40. I will tell you 2 rounds each (remember, in group shootings everyone gets 1 before any get 2, so no double-taps) of Pow'rBall at that 35yd distance put both pigs down with authority. They weren't DRT and both received coup-de-gras, but they were down. I was happy to get the opportunity to take the pigs and test my ammo. Win Win!

I'm sure there's better stuff out there, and the caliber games will go on until the solid projectile weapon is completely phased out, but for now I trust my life to it.
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