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Originally Posted by Southern 7.62 View Post
Heard that brother. I've got more than I need and trying to help out those with less. No profit. Ain't that the way we are spose to work?
I help based on sense of person in need. Have given away reloading components, loaned with promise to replace when supply chain levels out, sold for same price paid and doubled my money or more on some based on persons character, mouth, and money abe to throw around.

When man driving a brand new Lincoln pickup comes in LGS and says he knows owner has rim fire hidden in back for friends, wants some and will pay any price just bring it out will part him with his money. Guy wants two boxes to take kids shooting will give a brick away. Guy who know owns two Dillon 1050s with every accessory plus more top dollar toys than me didn't buy components because his equipment is mostly for show and normally shoots factory ammo will load him up on supplies and price. When 90 year old man needs two cans of powder for his Hornets then sold for price on can without adding sales tax back.

People who never thought to buy a rifle till a panic and scare they won't have one to resell for profit later will hook them up at price that makes me happy. When ARs and ammo doubled during Sandy Hook and all local shops had waiting lists were a few guys on waiting list at all stores. I kept my name on list but often let my turn pass without buying. Most of these guys were "investing" at hight of market, not when low. After Sandy Hook bubble ended saw one guy bring two rifles and ammo back to one store, one rifle with ammo and magazines to another with his receipt wanting full refunds on all put back on credit card purchased with.

Owners told him those rifles, ammo, magazines were half price due to supply now and they would not refund money but issue store credit and man left both places mad. Owners told me others tried the exact same thing. Like buying stock at top of market when see others cashing out profits and crying when it tanks. I thought guy was dumb not to take offer of store credit and owner more than generous. Guy could have gotten credit, come back and left with a pair of ARs plus 50% more ammo in a few weeks then have doubled the rifles to profit on next panic if sat it out. Guess he promised wife would make quick money and didn't want to come home with more rifles.

Some people you help, some you help a lot and others you have to let them help you. Capitalism is a good thing as is charity. Help a brother in need who is struggling but the man who lives in sprawling mansion in rich neighborhood with family driving a fleet of six figure cars then take his money. Felt no shame in selling rimfire, rifle/ammo packages during Sandy Hook as let every buyer who paid double name price willing to pay. They knew what it cost on gunbroker and would short me a hundred bucks or so thinking they made out good.

I always have at least 1,500 rounds of 45, 1,000 of 9mm, same in 38/357, 40, 7.6239 plus plenty of rimfire at work, indoor range and anyone who wants to shoot is welcome to shoot my ammo at no cost on my range at no cost. Funny how many won't put "reloads" in their pistols but will burn half a brick of Thunderbolt rimfire. It's my incentive to keep a flow of local cops and firefighters coming through so know the place well and keep an eye on it. No different than always keeping a pot of coffee with free refills for anyone who stops. Cops love free coffee.

Felt no shame in making almost a good years salary when sold a pile of crusty 1886 Winchester bought back when collectors snubbed noses at rifles that had a host of issues 30 year before. When collector hears of cashe finding a 50-110, 40-90, 45-90, 40-70 and several other low production number cartridges in one spot others was unheard of in any condition. A man could in one shot, fill all the gaps in a collection and have working rifles to shoot a the range because were restored not original it drew just the right guy at right time. He likely paid more for restoration than I paid for rifles but he was happy and I needed to pay medical bills. Man flew from out west to local airport on a private business jet with his gunsmith to make the deal. Men who fly in private jets to buy guns can afford to pay full retail even for ugly rifles with rare accessories.

Lament selling a lot of SP1 ARs for half of current value one time needed money. When panic is full on will help people I know need it but if smell someone whose intent is to wait and flip for more they pay real close to panic market price. If feel should have known to have powder and primers to feed a pile of progressives when the supply of loaded ammo runs dry, will load them at market. Most supplies I sold during Sandy Hook were to guys who had waited two weeks to a month for their first Dillon machine during midst of panic and had nothing to feed it with. Wait till panic to start reloading and pay panic prices. I can be very gracious or very aggressive with price based on buyer. Have to do what it takes, did last paying job in system yesterday and have a $7,000 per month overhead to pay with all my clients closed and not ordering any product. If flu drives up gun and ammo prices may have to leverage to pay bills. Won't be any charity if it comes to that.
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