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Originally Posted by acgeorge View Post
After many years of wanting to replace to replace the stock Century Arms muzzle break on my L1A1 (R1A1); I "pulled the trigger". Was surprised how easy the pinned break came off after grinding two slots, 180 deg apart, and splitting it with a chisel. The pin just fell out of the hole. Didn't even touch the threads with the grinder. Cleaned up great.

My question:

I have a .157 washer which puts the bayo lug at 12 O'clock and .161 washer which puts the bayo lug at 9 O'clock, hand tight. If I remove the washer completely, the lug is 15 deg short of BDC.

Can I install the flash hider without a washer?
you can, it's not going to hurt anything, but I suspect you are reaching the bottom of the threads on the barrel and not the muzzle face.
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