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One of my Lansky stones fell apart too, the white one I believe. I stuck it back on with Gorilla Wood Glue. I did clean the gluing surfaces with alcohol first. I figured to redo the job permanently with a suitable epoxy but the thing is still stuck on there quite well. Wrong glue for the purpose I would think, but Gorilla is pretty good stuff.

I like the Lansky for setting up the primary bevel on a new blade. After that I sharpen free hand on Bench Stones.

I would recommend getting some Lansky diamond stones for a blade with some of the Gee-whiz steels in use these days., D2, ATS 34 and the like.

I find the Bench Mount handy too. I built my own from a scrap of wood and a Carriage bolt until I found a Lansky for cheap at a Gunshow.
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