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I “up gunned” today, 29/40 beats 13/9

My usual EDC is a Ruger LC9 in front pocket with a spare mag dropped in a rear pocket. I usually am not concerned, and feel my threat level is pretty low. But with all the current foolishness I decided I wanted more fire power. I dug out the Crossbreed Supertuck and put a .40 G23 Glock in it. I have a G22 magazine with a catch-tab thingie on the baseplate so it can hang on IWB or in a pocket. I felt better with 29 rounds of .40 on tap instead of 13 rounds of 9.

I had to go out to finish cleaning out a house I am selling and supposed to close on this Wednesday, if the virus allows. Decided to top off the gas tank in the truck and fill a couple of cans with $1.69 gas while out. Did not have to “gas” anybody at the filling station.
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