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2020 Matches

This year's competitive shooting season is off to a bad start. Here in Illinois out door shooting matches have not yet started. I'm the Civilian Marksmanship (CMP) match director for my local club in Cornell, Illinois the Chief City Shooters Club. After the CMP posted this statement we decided to cancel all April rifle matches. "We encourage all CMP match sponsors to cancel their matches until some degree of normalcy returns. It is in the best interest of the CMP community to take positive precautions rather than deal with potential damaging consequences otherwise." Of course I want to restart the rifle matches as soon as possible but I can't predict when this will be. The older rifles are enjoyable to shoot so these matches are something I will miss very much if match cancellations continue through out the year. Here in Illinois our Democrat Governor has place the state under a "shelter in place" order with several exceptions for essential jobs. This order is doing great harm to the economy. Covid-19 itself could also cause great economic harm if the outbreak becomes as bad as predicted. Hopefully our governor's polices do not produce more harm than covid-19. Regardless this Sunday afternoon I'm reloading 30-06, 7x57 Mauser, 8x57 Mauser and of course 223 Remington with the hope of shooting in several 2020 matches.
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