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Originally posted by yovinny
[i]"It is interesting assumption on my part given early problems with SS line of scopes and aleged Tasco`s instructions to the manufacturer, pointing to relative unexpiriece with military grade products."

WJ, what's up with this ?? I've never heard of any problems with the orig Navy contract scopes. Only problems or complaints I ever heard of were with the early 30mm line when it first appeared.
As much as SWFA or anyone else want to push the "Navy Contract" point, it seems BS from where I sit. The Navy Contract was only for the earlier scope that isent produced anymore.
Here's a pic of 2 of the orig scopes and a 20x 30mm that I havent mounted up yet. There very different scopes.
Vinny I was refering to the 30mm scopes. It is military grade product no doubts in my mind.
I didn`t say military issiue, that is a different story and you are right that they push the contract issiue, but hey whatever sells right

As technology transfer goes, I do not know ED. Contract do not made technology aviable, it just set user (military) requirements (mil spec) for scope and then test products to make sure they stand to it...


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