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Kenko and Hoya are subsidiaries of Tokina, all are reputable optics suppliers. Perhaps the lenses have ties to Kenko, as the Super Sniper scopes have only one multicoated lens, the objective, while the rest are single coated.
It is my understanding that the Tasco SS and SA Generation III are made by Hakko. Colt brand scopes for the AR-15, and the Trijicon ACOG, are theirs also. There are 3 major riflescope manufactures in Japan, Light Optical Works, Hakko and Asia Optical, which is actually in Taiwan. LOW makes B&L Elite series, by the way.

According to their website…Hakko has been supplying scopes since 1958 and exports many scopes to the US as OEM. A disturbing trend is for a company to start production of a new model in Japan. After the magazines review it and the reputation is established, manufacture is shifted elsewhere on the Pacific Rim. Particularly in PR China, as of late. hth’s

Hakko Precision Optical Co.

Is the Tasco name on the SS?
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