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Owl extremes....

When I was a teen my grandfather retired and my grandparents decided to move to the country, about 60 miles north of Houston. They bought a piece of forest and started clearing a spot for the house. We'd go up, camp there at night, work during the day. Mom and Dad had an RV, as did my grandparents. Well my brother was given a kitten, and we took it with us. That night we're all sitting around when my grandfather gives the "quiet" finger over the lips and points up into the tree. There sat the largest Great Horned owl I've ever seen, easily 3ft tall. The kitten stayed in the RV after that.

Just a few months ago I'm wrapping up an oil change on the wife's Jeep, right at dusk. Hear an odd, occasional, single chirp (quite similar to the annoyance from a smoke detector with a low battery) from above me. By the time I get all everything buttoned up and tools put away it's dark. Still hearing the chirp I break out the flashlight to see the cutest little owl, maybe 6" tall, sitting on the limb right above where I was working. Went to get the camera and it took off as I was walking back outside; guess it didn't care for paparazzi.
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