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Originally Posted by medicmike View Post
Yep, double edged!
I never got the logic in all that mike

didja' know that started in Boston in the 1830s ?
The City banned even the possession of dirks & other "Tools of the Assassin"
The ordinance spread to Philadelphia, Providence, etc and was expanded to include derringers.

Comical part of it was they also singled out "Bowie" knives however in that period Bowies would be what is known as a Arkansas Toothpick today
Single edged blades were largely unrestricted

most Dirks were smaller, almost dainty little knives that poured in from Sheffield. What we think of as a Gamblers blade or something a Dance hall girl packed in her garter. They were not really something a street criminal carried which was typically a butchers knife

after all these years those who make laws still express their hoplophobia in rather predictable ways

The 2009 Obama expansion of the Federal Switchblade Act was typical
think on it some
under it a typical Spyderco folder is now Federally regulated under Interstate Commerce.
Had an interesting convo with a USADA a few years ago
He agreed with my premise that Federal code has no teeth as there is no Federal taxation nexus involved...Federals can only really regulate items via tax collection as a revenue measure. His opinion this is a factor in why DoJ don't enforce these laws.

I got my start collecting automatics as a kid
as Dad was Federal LE there were always cops at shows selling, swapping, even giving me confiscated switches

Only Federal convictions I am aware of occurred back in the late 70s
At least two different guys were popped by US Customs importing quantities of blades out of Italy.
Years ago in the 70s I subscribed to a Newsletter, think it was called the Switchblade Times. Bunch of East Coast collectors buying & selling automatics

These days automatics are just flooding in Stateside
it's all serious felony level crime but nobody in Government seems to have any shits given
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