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Originally Posted by toys View Post
whats your endgame?

when i got my CZ85 20+ years ago, i fell in love with CZs. they were way more accurate than me, and a natural pointer, again, for me and they were inexpensive back then. Now with every tom-dick-harry buying them, prices have gone up.

Here the thing that people forget and get buyers remorse. So do yourself a favor and look for someplace to rent and try. Noting that any gun rental could be "rode hard and put up wet". But try if you can. even if you have to drive a while or make a day trip of it.

you have any shooting buds? do they have one? Ask and try. way cheaper that buying and trying to unload.

I have a G17 too, but i need to stop/think/concentrate on shooting it decently. on any other gun i have, so far, i can pickup and hit what i aim at.

with regards to aftermarket mags. when i buy ANY gun and if it uses mags, i buy 10 mags for it. I dont buy anything but OEM/MegGar. There are other like Pro-Mag but so far, in my experience and from the various guns i have, they are a crap shoot. If they are the only game in town, i will buy and try. And weed out any bad ones. there maybe some other aftermarkets too, but im not going down that road.

If you have any gun rental ranges in your area, look at any toys that fits your requirements. Be it 9 or any other caliber.

Depending on what you want/need/afford, you may have several options.
just waiting for some more cash to flow in. I bought three MeGar 1911 mags and they worked flawlessly. I saw the prices for CZ and they are priced well, will get those when the time arrives.
The Glock is already gone, I actually just need to order the pistol and get it here to my local pawn shop for pickup!
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