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Originally Posted by MAINER View Post
"Live free or DIE"

Guess they will have to remove their state moto from the license plates if this bill flies.
This stuff is headed our way. If you know anyone with facebook check out Everything Maine. A family member made me aware of it, as I don't have facebook. It's a facebook page where people post scenic pictures of Maine, from the coast to up north here. Every week people from all over the U.S. are posting on there about how they are in the process of moving here. Many don't appear to have jobs. This place is filling up quick and most of them seem to be Democrat/liberal tree hugger types. One posted a few weeks back that they had made it up here and were living up in the valley. They were asking for help because they had already used their entire winters fuel oil supply in the first month. I guess they thought one tank full would get them through the whole winter. Lol!

I have also noticed Maine reality ads targeting the out of state LGBT community. One ad on the net for a neighbors home stated that this was a perfect area for the LBGT community. Really? This area has nothing but farming, logging and hunting going on.

It appears that since our state went Democrat there is a concerted effort being made to fill this place with more liberal thinking residents. I can't wait to see the new gun laws brought out in the Lady Governors second term, when she has nothing to loose. Right now she's busy spending the Republican created surplus and waiting for a second term for the gun stuff.

You and I won't recognize this state in another five years.
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