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In the latter 1960's Mauser exec's decided that there was a market for a reproduction Luger.

Mauser's production tooling for the Luger was long gone. Mauser had ceased production of the P08 in 1942 with the last production run being exported to Portugal. The tooling had been converted to producing the P38 as I recall.

The Swiss had ceased production of their Lugers in the 1940's and put the tooling into storage. Mauser bought the tooling and in 1968 began manufacturing new Lugers with the straight grip of the Swiss 06/29 model. These new Lugers were made in .30 and 9mm. Four and six inch barrels. They had the Mauser Banner on the toggle and the American Eagle stamped on the upper receiver bridge. They were imported by Interarms and are so marked.

In 1990 I found a NIB 9mm with the six inch barrel and a fancy leather holster made for the pistol in a local gun shop. It was on consignment and it could be had for $600 plus sales tax. I bought it and still own it. Beautifully made as one would expect from Mauser.

And so it goes.

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