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FAL vs. Walmart steel spinner target

Decided to plink at a little spinner steel I'd picked up awhile back at Wallyworld. Made by "Do-All Outdoors" Supposedly rated for .30-06, and 3/8" thick. It was OK with 9mm/.45ACP/5.56 in previous use on the other side of the target.

Earlier today, I took a FAL that I hadn't shot in awhile out for a function check on the "clean" side of the target to spot POI. One hit, and the target shattered! I suspect poor heat-treating after they put that weird twist on it.

Don't have the receipt anymore to return it, but I think it'll be fun to test out some 7.62 blacktip on the large piece anyway.

Figured y'all might be interested in, or at least amused at, the warning about this product.
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