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I`ve bulit several metric EAI`s and have had 0 problems. If they ever start to produce them again, and I ever decide to build another, I`d buy one


I have 1 inch EAI on an Aussie build. It runs great, so far only about 100rds, BUT.......during machining(per lawrence), somebody crashed a tool. The area on the front left side where the radius for the top cover begins has been welded prior to parkerizing to salvage the receiver. This weld extends from the outside, to the LS feed rail, and on into the barrel thread area. The mags fit TIGHT(I have tried 20 so far and all are TIGHT), and it`s done well enogh it`s kinda hard to tell it without looking for it.

I contacted Lawrence about this when it arrived, and prior to the build. He stated the receivers have a "Lifetime Warranty" and I could send it back for replacement anytime. They knew it was a repaired receiver, he admitted as such. I paid full price, but there were NO inch receivers available from anyone at the time. Lawrence said it was safe to shoot, but to keep an eye on the headspace.(sounds like that williams dude don`t it ) He stated there would be no more made, and all were sold.

I am a degreed mechanical engineer. I understand fully the consequences of a bad weld, and know how it should be welded to properly fix it. Yes, if done properly, their repair will hold up. I have worked in high pressure equipment for over 17 years now. I have seen bad welds fail with catastrophic results, and have been involved with lawsuits for failed parts(welded and billet alike).

Anyway, after I thought about it a while, I decided to send it back. Lawrence had left(I guess since nobody would get him on the phone and he was always "out of the office"), and nobody else would speak to me about my problem. I am NOT going to send a receiver back based on word of mouth, and nobody offered to take responsibility for return of this receiver. I would still like for it to be replaced with a NEW one that hasn`t been screwed up.

So mikey, before you start to threaten lawsuits for internet heresay, maybe you outta replace my receiver before SOMEBODY GETS HURT WITH IT AND SUES YOU FOR DAMAGES.

This ain`t internet heresay bullshit. This is the truth.

Your call big guy.......
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