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Originally Posted by Potshot View Post
Are the Sig ones any good?
I have the Sig 22 conversion kit that I originally bought for my Sig 1911 RCS and after selling the gun to a friend, I now use it with my Springfield 1911.

I had to modify it for the Springfield since the Springfield is a Series 70 and the Sig 1911 and the 22 kit is for a series 80 and the firing pin block safety prevents it from firing in the Series 70. This is a very easy modification to remove firing pin block plunger from the kit - I mean you already have the safety on every 1911 so it won't be missed. If your 1911 is a Series 80, you're good to go. Pic is lifted from the 'net and shows the Series 80 firing pin safety. That red firing pin blocker gizmo can be removed from your Sig 22 kit if you have a Series 70 1911. Probably too much info but hey, it could be useful. It took me a wasted afternoon of NOT SHOOTING my Springfield before I figured it out.

The magazines are mostly common to all the 22 conversions. I bought some extras and I regret not buying a half dozen of the conversion kits when Sig was dumping them for about $180 (if I recall)

You can only shoot the HOT 22 LR rounds or it doesn't quite have the poop to cycle reliably. (it also specifically says so in the instructions) The change-over is a no-brainer too.

I recommend NOT inviting your buddies to the range with you the first time you shoot the 22 in your 1911. I did and got LAUGHED at and TOTALLY HUMILIATED because I flinched so much for the first couple rounds!

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