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I'm not understanding some of these suggestions.

All-leather boots are not hot weather boots.

You want some good stitched leather boots that will last a long time, and able to be resoled? That's great. But they aren't Hot weather boots.

Anything that comes with a lining - gortex or whatever, is not a hot weather boot.

I need new ones. Been wearing the Magnum Elite Spider. Trouble finding my wide size. They last about a year. They are lightweight and comfortable - like wearing sneakers, but I don't get welding or grinding sparks falling in them, as I do with sneakers. Or hay when feeding animals.

Was hiking a lava field a couple days back. I don't think these would hold up to much more of that. But neither would leather.

I think it's either going to be a lightweight (non-waterproof) glued unit that will last about a year of moderate use , OR a heavy duty leather unit that can be resoled several times over its life. Trying to get both in one, like the USGI jungle boot (sans metal plates) is possible, but it is not so good in the desert southwest. I don't want water drain holes. I want to keep the sand out.
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