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If I really wanted a derringer to play, something like

has a better price for a toy/something to buy to amuse yourself without plans on relying your life on.

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
Well aware, there "may" be a flint "Derringer" made pattern pocket but has been serious dispute on that
that said, they were building wonderful tiny screw barrel pocket guns in London back in the 1700s. Center Cock, box lock pistols with a breech loading screw off barrel. Powerful little bastards

The infection deal has became more or less mythical
millions were shot and survived
some evidence Lincoln would have to but for surgeons probing around in his brain furthering the somewhat minor trauma
All I'm really asking for here is a knife that will not jam and a unicorn that doesn't need sharpening. Will_Power
It's been my experience that all you really need to harvest a deer is a car. They come right through the windshield just fine. 357ross
That poop is priceless. MFC

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