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Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
The original Remington .41 RF O/U derringers are real easy shooting, the projectile is extremely low impulse, card table guns at best
these things murdered up MANY people including one of our Presidents
Need to remember out of a derringer the MV was just over 400 FPS, yeah you can see the slug in the air if you shoot at say 30 yards and have decent's just a bit faster than a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun

Then again, the .44 and .450 Webley short rounds were not a whole lot better yet were considered Man Killers in the 19th century
You might be aware (or not) the term 'derringer' is an arcane term for what we would call a pocket pistol today. The first was a flintlock (one barrel) that bore the name Henry Deringer (1850s).
As firearms technology improved so too did the sophistication of these large caliber (generally) small pistols.
Lincoln was shot with an actual deringer, a cap-n-ball model:
This was in 1865.

The iconic Remington 'double derringer' was not introduced until 1866. The 41 rimfire cartridge was aenemic but since it often caused a fatal infection, it was frequently lethal given the state of medical arts at the time.
The guns made by Henry Deringer were probably more potent than the over-under introduced by Remington.
If you were shot with a 41-short RF from that diminutive barrel today, you would probably live to tell about it.

The action is not strong enough to support cartridges that we would now consider acceptable for defense, so modern reproductions are more sturdily built and heavier. Bond has gone beyond the original intent of a svelte palm gun and created a version that is oversized compared to other guns now available on the market.
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