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Originally Posted by Shuff View Post
That is 360 receivers. I've read where folks say that 50 were affected but if this serial number range is right then no, 360 receivers were affected. There may only be 50 customers affected but not receivers. I also struggle with the tidy number of 50 customers. I'll say here what I've said on my forum and website, if I have worked on your BM59 with a cast receiver please contact your manufacturer and find out if you need to send your rifle back to the manufacturer. I have worked on MANY JRA rifles and do not want to be involved/associated/stuck in the middle of this. Until JRA comes makes these issues crystal clear on their website I will not work on anymore unless you want your JRA receiver replaced as well as the Bula barrel. there a problem(s) with the Bula barrels in the BM59s too?
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