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So a little story about the North American guns. Dealer sold one to a woman brand new in the box and instructed her how to load and fire it. If you carry one the hammer fits in a safety notch cut in the cylinder between chambers. If you don't put the hammer in the notch the gun can go off if the hammer is hit.

Woman and her husband were in a Micky d getting food and the mini revolver fell out of her purse and hit the hammer on the floor. Round hit her husband right in the butt cheek and she tried a suit against the dealer but it failed because it was handled by North American Arms.

I carried a 22 lr in it for a number of years but found I had to shoot it a lot to get the ammo changed out. If I didn't shoot it on a regular basis the moisture in my pants pocket corrupted the 22 shells and only three out of five would fire. If I replaced the ammo regularly then the gun always fired. Sweat and humidity for too long.

Traveling and working long hours it was a good gun in the pocket. Heavy labor wouldn't allow a bigger gun.

Edited to add, I tried a Bond in 45 Colt 410 and thought it was way too heavy until I shot it. Just couldn't see carrying a 24 ounce 2 shot when I could add five ounces and carry a lightweight 1911
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