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That is a good idea Jim. I will look into the custom orthodics. Makes sense.

Wore them again to work all day. Even more comfortable. These will not take much to break in. Like I mentioned before, they felt a little loose inside.


I pulled out the insoles this evening to have a look. Not very impressive. But I just happen to have some Superfeet green insoles that were too much for any other of my boots so I tried them in these Ridge boots. Wow. Fit perfect and lock down my heels very nice. Big improvement.

You can see the difference.



Will test again tomorrow with the SF insoles and see how it goes. Need to do some hiking and see how they do the mileage.

As these Ridge boots are a light flexible "urban" boot (IMHO) I'm considering a much heavier and stiffer shitkicker hot weather boot like some of the ideas floated here, maybe the danner marine corps boot. For less hospitable non urban North Texas areas. Cover all the bases, ya know?
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