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Have I told you how awesome it is that you joined us and finished this race? How does it feel?
Well, I have to give you, Stimpy and a couple of other friends a ton of thanks for motivating me to go past the "I'd like to do that" to "I am going to do that". And a few years back, you gave me and another Mike the urging to take up yoga. While I was a bit slower on the acceptance, it has made the difference in my abilities. And for that I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Oh, and I feel fine. Stiff and sore, but knowing it was well earned makes it worthwhile. While right now my limit is around 3-4K, I know I can improve that aspect over time. However, I was surprised about how bad my shooting performance sucked. My equipment had a few weaknesses that are easily corrected, but I just cannot understand why I couldn't shoot worth a damn. Oh well, I will work on that aspect and will do better the next time.

I know Bseventeen is trying to return to a "normal" life today, but anybody have an idea of where the scores will be posted?

And don't stop being this extra in my real life movie.

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