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Originally Posted by nwobhm View Post
Were the Bates a factory boot or were they recrafted? I have been wearing Danner Acadia for a long time and the only sole that has even come close to splitting was from a shitty recraft job I had done in Bedford. A guy that knows what he is doing doesn't have that issue.
Recrafted? Hmm no I don't think so, I bought them new.
They are a side zipper light tactical boot with no metal in them. Hide and nylon fabric uppers, breath real good. Got a total separation of the sole from the upper, like the glue was not even there anymore.
I'll glue them together with some shoe Goo but they are only good for wearing while mowing the lawn now.
We had a couple days here where my measured temps in the shade on the back porch peaked at 112f. If I'm out and have to hump any distance in that weather I want some suitable boots but no more glued together ones.
There's only two reasons we showed up here, to party and kick some ass, and we're almost out of beer!
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