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Originally Posted by tdb59 View Post
My preference-

I have worn my current pair of Drew's every day for 3 years, working in the shop, irrigating pastures, pushing snow, etc.
They might need to be re-soled in another year.



This^^^ Good work boots aren't cheap. I've been wearing the Whites 400V's for 40 years now, mud, rocks, poof dirt in trenches, and a lot of concrete time. I can't find another boot that holds up as well and doesn't kill my feet. I now have 3 pairs of rebuilt boots on hand that I alternate now and then.
The one time I had a failure with a whites boot it wasn't really their fault, a 6 month old boot ripped out at the arch, I had been working in deep sand and I'm sure that didn't help but I took the boot in begging for a quick repair. My spare pair was in for a rebuild and was no where near being done.
They gave me a new pair for half price and rebuilt the ripped out pair for no charge. That is customer service.
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