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Axe project

Soooo...I decided I needed to be able to make axes and hammers.

First things first...we need a decent drift...

Wat went wrong...

As of today.

Ignore the upper rainbow, this is a heat line from the quench heat only, and believe it or not has precious little to do with the overall performance of the axe.

If you look just below the aquamarine in the lower color line, that line is the boundary layer between the O-1 tool steel (the lower section) and the 15N20/1080 'damascus' section. The fact that this is so hard to detect makes me very happy. I am very hopeful this line will be a thing of beauty once the etching is done.

In hindsight I should have forged the drawn section out to a flat top and a more pronounced beard, but I was more concerned with getting the welds to take on this first (second?) attempt.

In other news I made a draw knife late this evening and managed to get both tempered before the wife needed to put dinner in the oven.
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