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Well it was but you have to realize that this was in the time of the bonnie and Clyde etc before all federal firearms laws so it was legal and get this..

This is a story that had gone around the thanksgiving table for the last 50 something and most likely longer than that...

Great grandmother pitched a bitch as my ggf needed a new plow for the tractor and to afford this toy he kept using the old warn out plow shares for another 2-3 years..

Beyond that the tale around the dining room table was why did he need this gun, what purpose did it really serve she wanted to know...

Possibly the start of liberalism in my family way way back....

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Wow! And I thought it was neat when I was fourteen to have called up Macy's (or was it Gimbels) and had a Marlin 39A delivered to the house.
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