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Back in '09, we did a major kitchen redo. We bought all Whirlpool appliances; gas range, fridge, microwave/venthood and dishwasher along with a washer and dryer. Whirlpool is an old name right? Always made good stuff. Haha. All but the washer and dryer were crap. The refrigerator has ice and water in the door. Big no-no. It is impossible to keep it working right. Never get that feature again.

Local independent repair guy says all the brands buy their parts from the same suppliers in China and they are all crap. Basically, disposable appliances. I asked about Maytag; my wife's grandmother owned a coin-laundry and knew a thing or two about washers. She swore by Maytag. Today, she would swear at them he said. Same crap as all the others...
We looked to replace our 17 year old whirlpool fridge recently. Looking at them and doing some research, maytag is the same fridge as whirlpool with a better compressor warranty and some cosmetic improvements. Kitchen Aid is a cosmetic and material upgrade from Maytag. Same general design and most components shared across the three. Kitchen Aid is a maytag with a different icemaker configuration and an option for a fancy interior. There is some overlap in each line. A high end whirlpool is similar to a maytag. A low end kitchen aid is nearly the same as a maytag.

I repaired our old whirlpool.
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