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Originally Posted by ShootingSight View Post
I make a replacement trigger for the rifle, so I know a lot about the FCG, less about the rest of the rifle.

I think it is an excellent rifle, though there were some bumps in the road. i think very early generation 556 used a lot of Swiss parts,and were excellent. Next gen was when SIG USA was trying to start up US based production, and there were some quality issues, then third gen stuff the US suppliers finally got their act together.

It was introduced when Obama won his second term, and everyone was terrified of confiscation, and prices of 'assault rifles' were crazy high. I think SIG figured out they could start up 556 production faster than they could get an AR to the market (since EVERY part was in short supply), and they wanted to cash in on the seller's market. Later, they brought their AR on line, and marketing support for the 556 dropped. Unfortunately, there are few after-market parts, and everyone loves to accessorize, so SIG finally dumped the 556 in favor of (yawn) yet another AR based platform.
I don't have any experience with Art's trigger for the SIG rifles, but I can say that his trigger for the Beretta ARX is exceptionally good.

I expect that the SIG one would be equally good...

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