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Tamiflu lawsuit - danger Will robinson!

This well tested(sic) go to for some, has been banned for children in Japan - and now........


"A whistleblower lawsuit has been filed against drugmaker Roche over influenza medicine Tamiflu
The suit alleges the company made false claims and misrepresented studies, causing the U.S. government to stockpile $1.5 billion of the drug for use during potential pandemics
The whistleblower lawsuit alleges that Roche knew Tamiflu was ineffective at fighting influenza pandemics but went ahead and “masterfully marketed this drug to fill Roche’s coffers at taxpayer expense”
The lawsuit was filed under the False Claims Act by Dr. Thomas Jefferson, who has been questioning Tamiflu’s effectiveness since 2009
Because the False Claims Act mandates payment of triple damages along with civil penalties, Roche could face a judgment in excess of $4.5 billion"

Go ahead, make my day!
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