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Originally Posted by Retired Bum View Post
A.F. Stoeger imported the DWM Pistole Parabellum Model 1900 7.65 Para aka .30 Luger shortly after it went into production. I don't known the date when Stoeger applied for a copy right on the name "Luger". They still own the name to the present time.

Some twenty plus years ago a US firearms company called Mitchell Arms offered a stainless steel Luger which had the Luger name stamped on it. Stoeger filed a copy right infringement lawsuit against Mitchell. It was settled out of court and Stoeger began offering the pistol with their name on it.

A friend of mine had one of the Stoeger .22's and it was one jamamatic POS. He offered to give it to me but I wisely said no. I like Lugers and at the time owned a DWM 1923 in .30 Luger and a Mauser P08 dated 1937. No .22 Lugers for me.....

And so it goes.

The Retired One

Awfully difficult for a company to import pre war Lugers when the company didnít exist until 1919. Adolph Stoeger started importing the post war American Eagles in 1921 on a contract finalized in 1920. Initially DWM filled the orders with pistols built with parts from war production. Later DWM/BKIW (operators of the Mauser company by that time) transferred itís machinery and parts to Mauser to resume Luger production, including the Stoegers into the 1930s. Until US sales were stopped.
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