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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Try finding a muzzle brake on sale as they tend to help with harmonics though punish guys on either side of you at the range. I always take a chamber cast ($3 in materials to do) so able to examine my chamber dimensions from an inside out perspective and check for burrs or open pores with bore scope. I use a lot of Tubbs fire lapping kits but not per instructions as get two rifles out of a single rifle kit and not but 1/4 of rifles will benefit from them and it takes experience to know which. With my 600 to 1,500 yard rifles proper break in is mandatory to get all the performance possible from an expensive custom barrel. Keep shooting it, it will get bether and try other brands and weight ammo as may find a factory load that your rifle runs into a single hole.

Did you use a crush washer with your flash hider? If so, try again without but use a specialty washer for rifles that is flat and torque to 30 ft/lbs. Barrel harmonics and break in is a complicated and highly debated subject. I have found there are different methods for different steel, finish, rifling, etc so sometime just shooting the rifle in is enough but if it copper fouls in five rounds or less it needs work.
Not a crush washer. More of a spacer came with the FH. Sure made a difference removing it!
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