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Originally Posted by raubvogel View Post
I will start this thread with a few quotes that are interesting but also verifiable (in case someone wants to tell you it is a lie), as in with source.

I consider (a professional liberal) the lowest form of politician

"Hopkins was noted [as] and advanced 'Liberal' but not a professional one (I consider the latest the lowest form of politician)"
Harry S. Truman. Personal Diary 22 May 1945
Also on "Off the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman", p.35

I suspect your auto-fill/auto-correct is responsible for two typos in the first quote. It should be "an", not "and", and it should be "latter", not "latest".

Nitpicky on my part maybe, but you really ought to proof read your stuff especially when quoting others.

More importantly, you misinterpreted that quote. He despised the professional politician, not the liberal politician. Even as recently as the '40s, "liberal" did not mean what you think it means now.
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