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Originally Posted by bykerhd View Post
For about anything except HARD military use, I don't think either forged or cast will make any difference.
In a quality product anyway.

In the last ten years on this Forum, I can't think of hearing of a single instance where a receiver failed that could be traced to it being cast or forged.

FAL receivers have been blown up with bad ammo and ruined by overzealous and under-talented builders on occasion.
But even the worst of the "out-of-spec receivers seem to have held up.
With the notable exception of the Williams "Aluma-Bombs" anyway.
Well said. This pretty much nails it. I've had both cast from Hesse and forged and cast from DS Arms. Never had one problem from either type. Just purchased a cast Voyager 16 inch from DS Arms and have no worries about how long it will last.
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