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Nice late season stick HR

The summation of Invictus 2019 Whitetail season:
1) Early bow = Spent 90% of my time overseas and hunted only a handful of days for trophies (with none found).
2) Gun season = Got Blondzilla on a nice one the first week. I thought I might get one the second week with a Garand or FAL, but flew down to James North TX shoot instead. Worth it !
3) Late bow = I had three weeks of leftover vacation time and thought I would hit it hard, but no, I got sick. After the last four weeks of snotting, sneezing, coughing, and no energy in varying doses, I finally went to the Doc today and have "acute sinusitis". No Late bow hunting.

2019 Whitetail in KY score? Deer 1 -Invictus 0.

Takeaways to learn from 2019:
1) Early bow = Shoot the first thing that passes by. If it is brown it is down. Then go to trophy hunting later and at least you do not get skunked.
2) Today = Even when the nurse is really cute, saying "turn around and drop your pants" is a really BAD pick up line. I told her so as well
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