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Originally Posted by stimpsonjcat View Post did Kotengu...2 upgrades inbound for my rifle.
Kotengu shot and ran with mediocrity, which was fitting considering my mediocre training for this one. But I got lucky with the conditions and finished before the worst of the rain. Don't get me wrong - it rained for half of my run and I fought fogged/wet glasses the whole time.

But Stimp and others ran in a full on deluge. Nay, a torrent - an outright flooding to where they couldn't even see the targets, and poor Kelly almost got whisked away downriver during the what-used-to-be-a-"creek" crossing.

But as always, the best stories come from the hardest fought battles. It was a great match with a good mix of terrain and shooting challenges. And was a home run from an administrative point of view as far as Kelly's Match Director skills go.

Now let's talk about those upgrades!
"The way is in training." - Miyamoto Musashi
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