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Got a spacer made this morning to 'fix' the misalignment on the can. I made this out of the portion of bbl I cut off the rifle earlier. Basically it is a cylinder turned to mate ver closely with the OD of the bbl where I turned it back for the other 308 can. But then I ground one of the faces at a slight angle vs the axial angle. This has the effect of pushing the can against the thread-form so I can move the outboard hole towards centerline. It worked, and I added some indexing marks to make it repeatable...and tested repeatability.

Here's the muzzle end after getting the alignment right.

The can is so wide the rifle can balance on it:

I took it to the range and it is hearing-safe ringing. I could hear the bullet impacting the frame/berm after the sonic CRACK.

Here is the rifle after I got home and rattle-canned it.

I'll try to work up some subsonic ammo for it. Anyone have any pet loads that have worked for a 1:10 bbl?
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