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[QUOTE=bubbagump;4768993] Are you asking where the digital money is?

I'll rephrase, hopefully more clearly.

In the QE phases, they were creating digital currency and buying debt instruments.
This expanded the Fed balance sheet by orders of magnitude.
This is inflationary.
In the QT phase, they have supposedly been allowing x amount of debt instruments to mature and retire without rolling them forward, thus eliminating that digital currency.
This is deflationary.
Since the Fed has a stated goal of 2% inflation, QT seems to be the opposite of the goal stated above.
Therefore I find it difficult to believe they would voluntarily engage in a deflationary event.
What am I missing?

And with that, I will leave these here. They take about an hour and 10 minutes to watch both, but IMHO, there is some very interesting info offered by Catherine Austin Fitts, as well as what she labels 'high octane speculation' about the Clinton Foundation and Jeffrey Epstein.

Part 1

Part 2
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