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Originally Posted by Bawana jim View Post
I hope I don't make this too long to read but what drives the left is hate. They hate everyone including themselves. They hate you so bad they dream up ways to ruin your life and put you in poverty. One way is Climate Change. The left dreamed that up to rob you of trillions while they say they are saving the world for future generations, if you give them the power.

Look they have killed 67 million of the future generations with abortion so do you really think it's for the future?

The left sees themselves as the elite of the world and hate you because you just don't give them the power they want. They lie to everyone to get power but use it to grandiose their own lifestyle. How is it that a generation of black people lived in poverty under the left when in just three years Trump raised black employment to the highest in history.

So to not drone on just study the left and look at the hate they have for us. Once you undrstand the haters and how they divide us then you can see a civil war is what they want. After you have killed 67 million Americans a civil war is a piece of cake for them.
Dunno. Nobody put a gun to anyone's head and said get an abortion. Just because some ethnicities use it as birth control amazes me. But so does a chicken laying an egg.
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