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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
Or,,,just the truth????

Folks need to give this a little time for everything to come out in the open.

The lady is dead,,,nothing will change that,,,so no rush to judgement with the officer is needed,,,and with the track record of past events that blew up,,,were horrible on initial reports,,,then turned out to be nothing burgers,,,quiet and steady might be the way to go with this one.

Get all the information,,,sit down and go over everything,,calmly,,,then make some decisions.

Someone wrote once,,,,better to let 99 guilty go free,,than to convict one innocent man.

The lady is dead,,,,now figure out,,,did the officer REALLY do something bad???
gotta say YES he really did do something bad.

They got on scene, there were no open doors. nobody screaming for help. no blood trails. no smashed out windows. no reason to believe a crime was in progress or had been committed.

The caller said it himself, again:
"Neighbor James Smith, 62, who made the original call to a non-emergency police number to request a check-up on Jefferson, told The Fort Worth Star-Telegram he “never mentioned” anything about a burglary.
and the fact that he called a Non-Emergency number as well.

No reason for him to have his gun out and in hand.
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