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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
And, as for closing the southern border.

Its only 1200 miles long and we already have armed folks along every mile, but their rules of engagement are to collect and provide lunch for crosser's, the ROE can be changed with a simple phone call, and all them folks now guarding the border have family with in 10 miles of where they work the border.

With in a day, or less, we can have 10 armed GI's on every single mile of that border with orders to kill everything that comes with in range or their weapons.

Bring in air and other resources, it becomes a death trap overnight.

We have 16,000 sitting at Bragg, that be over every mile of the border in 12 hours or less, then bring in ground forces.
then add in armed Trad americans who are now removed from the restrictions placed on the use of force at the hand of the public. Starting at the border and going north.
Anything not immediately appearing readily identifiable as american and possibly carrying the black plague X10 ? will likely get shot on sight and the body burned right there and then.

border would be closed very quickly.
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