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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
Frame of reference differences, was thinking of all the inherent misery present in Africa, but ya right, good people are leaving for a better life someplace else from several locations of the continent.
My bad, I took your post out of total context. I thought things were bad in '79/'80. I see it's only gone worse since then.
What if the Mystery Babalon described in Revelation, which is destroyed by the nations of the North, is actually America?

The biggest problem with religion is those who claim to know Jesus, then turn around and deny Him with their lifestyle. That is what a unbelieving world, simply finds unbelievable.

Before you die, you should have a will with extra copies. The old saying "No one will screw you faster than family" is bloody well true.

Women are dangerous. All warm, soft and cuddly on the outside, and berserker, Ragnarok crazy upstairs in the control room.
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