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If/when happens in my lifetime I will build a third fence line at battle rifle distance from the Ponderosa. Will shoot anyone who does not have the correct frequency and hit the quarantine area for at least two weeks monitoring before moved into main structure. I keep telling people to add activated carbon filtered positive pressure feature than can run 24/7 to their HVAC.

I flip a standard light switch next to my HVAC unit and a fan with enough flow plus continuous run duty cycle comes on and pulls air from outside, scrubs it though a series of pre-filters, HEPA filters then activated carbon so as we tape all doors and windows except the two doors that will get airlocks built and our house will always be out-gassing clean filtered air and keeping interior from sucking contaminated air in though a crack, seam or seal didn't seal 100%.

Those who get into sight of 7.62x51 with 10x scope will drop where they are spotted till a ring forms around the house letting others know as approach the ring or rotting corpses is as close as they will get. How we deal with the corpses can wait a few months and see what carrion eaters are immune and can dispose of the rotting bodies whether it be vultures or insects. If nothing else have a 2 meter H.T. on the 2 meter calling frequency and we can discuss if have room or need of you coming inside the stand off zone.

We may be short people to stand watch and have food to feed a few extra folks for a couple months. Those with the correct frequency which is D-Star simplex operation out of FCC band plan (MARS/CAP your radio) will cruise in immediately if get to Ponderosa before symptoms are reported by CDC in N.E. Georgia. Once its close all who arrive will live decently in tents in protected area till incubation period passes before enter the house.

We had a new batch of renters in one of the three rentals in sight of our house. I do not like their looks and first weekend it looked like majority wee home grilling on their porch I tripped the main burglar alarm and across the street and three doors down could see them putting hands over hears my alarm horns are so loud. Let alarm run about 20 seconds so they got the wailing tones followed by "you have violated a secure area, leave immediately the police have been dispatched" followed by wailing tones and shut it down. Had called monitoring center and put system in "test mode" for 20 minutes.

In the house wife and I had Sonic II ear plugs with 26 Db rated muffs over them and the sound pressure was so loud it was still uncomfortable to ears and could feel the pressure of wailing tones in our chests. whenever get new tenants in one of the rental houses usually run an alarm test. Always call and warn the "good neighbors" before we set it off. I tripped it one time and took about five seconds to get it shut down without ear protection and had I not had the code would have left the house immediately due to pain of the horns mounted indoors and out.

But if we have a real pandemic get lose due to busiest airport in the world just 90 minutes south of us we will not be kind to anyone inside 308 Win range except the good neighbors as long as they stay in their yards.
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