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I am an old fart that used to shoot in lots of matches, IPSC 4 matches a month on the valley cicuit. Started with Colt 7 round mags and found that the lips were bad, they split up the back and the follower jumped the slide stop. So I went to Packmayers stainles with rounded followers and pads on the bottom to take up shock. They didn't hold up.

Next as my gear progressed I went to McCormick shooting stars and while the body held up well the followers were prone to break under heavy use. Moving stage to stage you changed mags to have a fully loaded 1911 and slamming in a magazine would break a follower. Follower would flatten out and miss the slide stop jamming your gun in a most awful way.

Next I went to Wilson's and have had very good luck with them but I don't shoot competitive anymore because 1911s are out of the IPSC game. They all went to high caps. Wilson's have a polymer follower that feeds great and I never have seen one jump the slide stop.

I guess the others would work fine if you don't push them for performance.
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