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Originally Posted by 1911Ron View Post
My WAG is the bolt is the culprit, I'm thinking that the bolt locks up differently every so often and it throws that round either high or low, it could also explain the strange wear pattern on the bolt. Of course I could so far off with my theory!
To the extent the persistent issue can be attributed to the bolt, I have considered that possibility, and I regard it as the most credible possibility.

In the interest of efficiency of opportunity, I may just go ahead and pull the barrel again, and lap the reciver with my newfangled lapping tool. Then take it to the range with the new Toolcraft bolt and carrier assembly. It would be swell if that solves the problem.

I suppose I could consider installing a Criterion barrel.

Somthing just rubs me with the idea of spending Krieger money on this dalliance.

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