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I think Iím at about 700 rounds on the Palmetto bolt.

It is apparent that the corners of the bolt-lugs are wearing more with each outing. So, there is less ďfaceĒ on the bolt lug engaging with the lugs on the barrel extension. I had hoped that this wear-behavior would settle down such that the bolt would have reached its happy medium. Its clear to me now, that isnít going to happen. This bolt is just going to keep giving up more-and-more of the corners of the bolt lugs until something gives out.

Iíd be curious to know how this bolt might ultimately fail. Iíve never actually broken a bolt on an AR-type rifle (if you donít include the incident with the pierced-primer damage from the thin CCI 400 primers in 5.56 some twenty years ago.). Iím at the point where running this bolt further is just going to be about as interesting as the time in 1977 when I loaded-up a gas can, and drove my car on the highway to see how low the gas gauge would go before the car literally ran out of gas. As it turned out, that adventure was a whole lot of inconvenience, and not very interesting. Hoping that Iíve learned my lesson at this point in my life, Iím not going to keep pushing this bolt until it causes me a wasted range trip.

As of this morning, I have a Toolcraft BCG inbound. I ordered the one with the dual ejectors and the small firing pin. $159 for the whole shebang seemed reasonable. If for some reason it doesnít work out, at least Iíll be able to tell it from the other AR-10 parts that seem to be multiplying around here.

Hereís some pics of the Palmetto bolt after about 700 rounds.


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