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Why I changed my handle here...

For those who happened to notice, I changed my screen name on here. I was 'Capt D'. But that name rings hollow now, as on a cold day back in Jan 2016, the Colonel sat me down and proceeded to tell me that, outside of his control, the board elected to deny my promo to Major Complete gut punch, especially since that meant the end of my AF career, which spanned barely 11 years at that point -- I'd fully intended to run the gamut and retire at 20. What's worse, is the following year, the AF complained publicly they didn't have enough field grade officers across the ranks, then proceeded to promote 100% of candidates. Dude. You just forced one out the door that wanted to be there

So, I've worked a shitty dispatch job for the past year (I got nothing against dispatchers... I just don't 'do civilian' all that well) and have truly hated life. I'm back in Louisiana (again, nothing against this area, I just hate it) in a generally undesirable situation. All this, in addition to my wife leaving and taking my son, just after the AF booted my a$$. We may work it out, but she really needs to work on her f***ng timing

See, this past Jan I decided to apply to the Warrant Officer reappointment board, for the Army. Then, in Sep I got the notification that I'd gotten the appointment :woohoo: Still awaiting my security clearance (that's a long story, but it involves the AF screwing me again), but I'll be back in uniform soon enough. Some are aware that Warrants are generally addressed as 'Chief {name}'. Since I value this place (the FFiles) so highly, I thought it suitable to attach something that symbolizes something positive to me, hence my deciding to ask Gary to make the change. Thus, I'd just like to re-introduce myself
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